Codurance Talks

Episode 7 - Parallel Changes

December 11, 2018

So this comes later than I wanted, due to my lack of sound skills (one day it will feel professional). But here we are Alvaro and Alfredo explaining me about Parallel Changes. What they are, how to implement them, and just wooing me with the idea. It is also the last podcast before Christmas. We will be looking at bringing more after New Year.

Links, lots of them:

You can find [Eduardo Ferro's]( Slides on his [website]( (In Spanish, but he is going to publish a translation soon, I've been told)

[Strangler Pattern]( by Martin Fowler.

[Working Effectively with Legacy Code]( by Michael C. Feathers

Blog post by [Joshua Kerievsky](

[Carlos ble]

The [Github success case](

Danilo Sato's [blog post](